About us

Ekocentar 97 is a company/firm that deals with the purchase, collection and primary processing of waste containing ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Besides purchasing and processing of the metals themselves, our company deals with electrical waste and electronic equipment, old vehicles, accumulators, batteries and cables. For more information, see the section Services or contact us.

Our mission at Ekocentar 97 is to reduce harmful and hazardous materials and prevent further pollution in order to ensure a healthier and cleaner environment.

Our mission is to reduce the amount of toxic and hazardous materials in nature, and their negative effects on the environment. In addition, we aim to conserve scarce supplies through practice and promotion on a “recycle and reuse” ideology.

Our team and short history

The company Ekocentar 97 was founded in 1997 by Vlado Momirovski who has run the company from the start. At the begging Ekocentar 97 dealt only with the purchase and collection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, but later started working with wrecked vehicles, cables, accumulators and batteries. Recently Ekocentar began with collection electric and electronic waste, in order to properly manage our waste and thus protect our environment. As a result of innovation and high level of expertise at Ekocentar 97, we became in recent years one of the leading companies in this activity, not only in Macedonia but also in the surrounding region.

The team at Ekocentar 97 is composed of seasoned professionals with a wide knowledge in the field of the recycling industry which is crucial in achieving the mission of our company. We employ about 30 people, respectively trained with the necessary qualifications to perform their task. The experience and expertise of our team in this area are key components to the success of the company.