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The company for collection and primary processing of waste Ekocentar 97 DOOEL Skopje was founded in 1997 with a 100% domestic capital. Its main activity is purchase, selection, processing and transportation of secondary raw materials, both ferrous (iron and steel) and nonferrous metals (copper, aluminum, brass, tin, lead, nickel, etc.) The company Ekocentar 97 is actively engaged in recycling for more than 20 years and throughout the years, according to the developing market needs, has expanded its activity.

Soon after its foundation, the company began to deal with the purchase and recycling of old cars, car batteries and collecting waste tires. Recognizing that all these materials contain hazardous substances that require an appropriate treatment, and at the same time contain components that can be reused in production, separate sectors for the storage and treatment of these kind of waste materials were established within the company.

After the adoption of the Law on Management of Electrical and Electronic Waste, Waste Batteries and Waste Toners, the company, within its headquarters, established a separate sector for the storage and processing of this kind of waste.

Over the years, Ekocentar 97 has successfully completed numerous projects that are of a social significance. As a result, in the past years Ekocentar 97 has become one of the leading companies in the recycling sector, not only in Macedonia, but also in the region. Today, Ekocentar 97 successfully cooperates with a number of local and international companies.


Founding of Ekocentar 97


EE-waste Sector


First ISO Certification


Batteries and car batteries recycling


At the very beginning, the company Ekocentar 97 had only 10 employees, and today this number has reached 35 employees. The Ekocentar 97 team consists of experienced professionals with a broad knowledge in the field of recycling that is crucial in accomplishing our company’s mission. Depending on their position, the employees have the necessary skills and qualifications for efficient performance of their tasks. Additionally, the employees receive continuous trainings, according to the market trends and demands. Our team’s experience and expertise in this area are the key components to the success of the company.


In order to perform the work activities more efficiently and more effectively, the company has its own fleet vehicles that includes freight vehicles with and without a crane that can reach a weight up to 15 tons, ADR vehicles, vans, pickup vehicles and cars.

In addition to the fleet vehicles, the company possesses lifting and cutting equipment to facilitate efficient and safe recycling, including a baling press, excavators, manual and motorized forklifts, hoists etc. Various equipment and tools for disassembling and sorting electrical and electronic waste, XRF spectrometer, explosion meter, as well as a specialized machine for treatment of waste toners.


The mission of Ekocentar 97 is to be an innovative and reliable partner for its clients and to provide professional and high-quality services. Together with our clients, we recycle and participate in the protection of the environment.

We accomplish our mission through a continuous training of our employees, following the world trends and implementing new, innovative practices.


The vision of Ekocentar 97 is a clean environment towards which we strive by reducing the quantity of hazardous materials in nature, as well as their negative impact on the environment.

Ekocentar 97 is a socially responsible company that for many years has been actively involved in promoting individual and corporate responsibility, as well as promoting sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy and cost-effective practices that have a positive impact on the community. Our company advocates recycling, because it converts the waste into a useful resource for production of new materials.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, our company supports numerous culture and sport events, such as cycling, hiking, boxing, football and handball.


    Известување за процедури и протоколи за превенција од ширење на Коронавирусот (Covid-19) во Екоцентар 97

    Согласно мерките за спречување на ширење на Коронавирус Covid-19 воведени од страна на Владата на Република Северна Македонија, Екоцентар 97 ги воведе следните мерки за превенција и заштита на сите вработени и клиенти:

    Овие процедури и протоколи стапуваат на сила веднаш и важат се додека се на сила забраните, мерките и препораките од надлежните институции.

    Како општествено одговорна компанија Екоцентар 97, Ве замолува да се придржувате кон овие мерки и препораки со цел заштита на нашето здравје. Доколку Ви се потребни дополнителни информации контактирајте нé на телефонскиот број +389 2 255 1068 или на e-mail contact@ekocentar97.com

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