Ekocentar 97 collaborates with key industrial companies in North Macedonia which are the main hazardous waste generators in the country. Our company offers comprehensive hazardous waste management services, including but not limited to:


-        Identification and finding a solution for hazardous waste treatment;

-        Collection and sorting of hazardous waste;

-        Transportation of hazardous waste with an ADR vehicle;

-        Repacking the hazardous waste;

-        Storage of hazardous waste in a temperature-controlled warehouse;

-        Preparation and application for TSF Notification for transboundary movement of waste, as well as other documents necessary for export of waste;

-        Advisory services in relation to hazardous waste management;

-        Risk management.


In collaboration with our partners from Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland, we can offer solutions for decontamination and remediation of contaminated sites (organic contamination, heavy metals, etc.), identification of unknown hazardous waste, treatment of mercury or radioactive waste.


For each waste collection, the client will be provided full documentation in line with the legal requirements, such as:


-        Transportation form;

-        Consignment note;

-        Waste identification form;

-        Weight note;

-        Invoice;

-        Waste collection record. 


On demand, we can also prepare methodology for handling/treatment of specific waste streams. When waste is subject to export, the disposal plant also issues Certificate of Destruction or other document as proof of appropriate waste treatment.


Ekocentar 97 owns advanced equipment for handing different types of hazardous waste, including: anti-static pumps, plastic and metal spill containment trays, mobile anti-static light etc.

To ensure safe operations, Ekocentar 97 uses portable gas detectors MSA ALTAIR 5 Multi-gas and Honeywell BW Ultra Multi-Gas Detector which monitor LEL, toxic gasses, VOCs, inorganic compounds etc. When working with hazardous waste, these detectors are used continuously to avoid adverse effects on human health and the environment.

Our employees use anti-static personal protective equipment (disposable outer protective suit, gloves and boots), full-face respiratory mask protecting against organic and inorganic gasses and vapors, acid gases, Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Ammonia (NH3) and its derivatives, dusts, fumes, particles etc.


Ekocentar 97 offers a comprehensive suite of services spanning a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste types and industries.



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