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Waste Management

According to the Law on Waste Management, Waste Manager is a person in charge of the implementation of the waste management program of the legal entity or individual that generates, processes, or disposes of waste.

The Waste Manager shall:

  • ensure implementation of the annual Waste Management Program;
  • monitor the ongoing situation in waste management;
  • undertake measures and activities for the reduction of waste and disposal of generated waste;
  • ensure implementation and application of waste management procedures in line with the Law and the relevant regulations for waste management;
  • keep records and prepare reports in line with the Law and the relevant regulations for waste management;
  • prepare reports of major accidents or environmental disasters un case they occur;
  • inform the management bodies of legal entities and individuals about possible
    endangering of the environment or human life and health resulting from the
    generation, treatment, processing and disposal of waste, and propose specific
  • controls the type and quantity of waste generated, processed and disposed of;
  • be responsible for proper waste management.


Legal entities and individuals which annually generate, process, and dispose of above 200 kilograms of hazardous waste and/or 150 tones of non-hazardous waste shall prepare and implement Waste Management Programmes on an annual basis. Unless employee of the legal entity or the individual holds a Waste Manager License, person holding a Waste Manager License shall be contracted.  Employees of Ekocentar 97 DOOEL Skopje hold a Waste Manager License and the company successfully manages the waste and recycling departments of many companies for many years.

This service is available only if  Ekocentar 97 collects the entire waste generated by the legal entity or individual. The price of this service is based on the type and quantity of waste generated on annual basis.


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