Welcome to Ekocentar 97

Ekocentar 97 is a company/firm that deals with the purchase, collection and primary processing of waste containing ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Besides purchasing and processing of metals, our company deals with all types of electrical and electronic waste, used vehicles, batteries and cables. For more information head to the section Services or Contact Us..
Ekocentar 97’s mission is to decrease the harmful and hazardous materials in nature and to avoid any further pollution in order to ensure a healthier and cleaner environment.

Recycling metals

Purchase and primary processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials/metals
(brass, copper, aluminium, lead, etc.)

Recycling E-waste

Sell your old electronic and electrical equipment computers, television, refrigerators, etc.)

Recycling of used vehicles

Sell your old and non-functioning vehicle.

Purchase of batteries and car batteries

Bring your used car batteries and batteries so they won’t become a hazardous waste for the environment.


  • Customers and users of our services are the focus of our work
  • The range of our products and services must meet the needs of our customers
  • The quality of our products and services is recognizable to our customers
  • Identification and management processes of possible contamination and hazards, caring about work and the environment and taking protective measures to preserve them in accordance with legal regulations.
  • Health and safety of staff – an imperative in our commitment to care for our human resources
  • Partnerships with our customers and suppliers
  • Through continuous improvement processes to provide economic benefits for everyone involved in our business.
Customer satisfaction is a confirmation of the present and the basis for the future.