Scrap Metals

The primary activity of Ekocentar 97 DOOEL Skopje is purchase, selection, processing, recycling and transportation of secondary waste materials, ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The group of ferrous metals consists of iron and all its alloys, such as: raw iron, steel and ferroalloys. This group also includes stainless steel (inox) which unlike other ferrous metals has no magnetic properties.

On the other hand, nonferrous metals have no magnetic properties, and this group of metals incudes copper, aluminum, brass, zinc, and others.
In order to precisely determine the type and quality of the metals, it is best to carry out analysis of the chemical and physical properties. In Ekocentar 97, we use XRF Spectrometer device which provides a detailed analysis of the composition and type of metals.

Ekocentar 97 forms the purchase prices for ferrous and nonferrous metals based on daily monitoring of the movements on the world metal stock exchange, as well as the current market supply and demand.


Ekocentar 97 offers a comprehensive suite of services spanning a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste types and industries.



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