According to the Law on Waste Management, legal entities that generate more than 200 kilograms of hazardous waste and / or more than 150 tons of non-hazardous waste during a calendar year as result of their activities must appoint a professionally trained waste manager. Additionally, legal entities have an obligation to prepare and implement a Waste Management Program. Waste manager is a professionally qualified person who has passed an exam to confirm the required expert knowledge in the field of waste management.
The waste manager performs the following activities:
  • develops and ensures implementation of the waste management program
  • monitors the current state of waste management
  • undertakes activities and measures to reduce the generated waste
  • takes care of the implementation and application of the waste management procedures in accordance with the Law on Waste Management or other regulation
  • keeps records and prepares reports in accordance with Article 50 of the Law on Waste Management and waste management regulations
  • prepares reports on accidents or accidents that may occur during waste management
  • controls the generation of waste in technological processes
  • monitors life and health of people resulting from the production, treatment, processing and disposal of waste and proposes concrete solutions,
  • informs the responsible bodies, i.e. the responsible persons in the legal entity about the possible endangerments of the environment, life and health of the people as a result of the production, treatment, processing and disposal of the waste and proposes concrete solutions and
  • controls the type and amount of waste generated, processed, and disposed of, as well as the secondary raw material
  • monitors the current state of waste management.
Ekocentar 97 has a certified waste manager and in line with the license it has been successfully managing the waste and recycling sector in many companies for years. This service is available only if Ekocentar 97 collects the entire quantity of waste generated by the legal entity. The price for this type of service is formed based on the type and amount of waste that is generated annually.